RG Tech is a Minority owned Engineering, Information Technology(IT) services company. We provide consulting solutions by partnering with our customers to understand their needs and effectively deliver a technology driven solutions to help our customers stay one step ahead of their competition.

We specialize in offering Engineering solutions, Information technology solutions to suit the needs of your company. We strive to bring excellence and add value to your company by bringing to you the services of talented and highly skilled professionals.

By coming to RG Tech for computer driven business solutions you will find a team of Professionals who themselves have worked as Engineering and IT professionals and have domain expertise in their respective fields.

In RG Tech you will find a Company that stands for Quality solutions with unparalled commitment High in Integral Values. Flexible and Innovative to meet your needs.

Discover in RG Tech what so many of our customers have found " An innovative and dynamic company to propel your needs into the 21st Century".

Contact Information

45180 Bartlett Dr
Novi, MI, 48377

Ph: 313-254-4631
Email: info@rg-llc.com